Gaming Giant Ubisoft Will Include NFT In Its Games Starting With Ghost Recon

French video game publisher Ubisoft has announced its entry into the NFT market with the new Ubisoft Quartz platform. Ubisoft Quartz is currently in beta and allows players to purchase collectible items called “Numbers”. According to the press release, these are “the first energy efficient NTFs that can be used in an AAA game.”
“Our long-term endeavors have led us to understand how a decentralized blockchain approach can truly make players a stakeholder in our games,” said Nicolas Poir, vice president of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab. “Ubisoft Quartz is the first building block in our ambitious vision for a true metaverse. And it cannot come to life without overcoming the limitations of blockchain in its early form for gaming, including scalability and power consumption. ”

Ubisoft Quartz will offer players a variety of NFTs

Ubisoft Quartz strives to combine the “thrill” of the game and the “uniqueness” of collecting unique in-game items. Considering energy efficiency, the platform is built on the Tezos blockchain. Ubisoft Quartz will offer players a variety of NFTs, from in-game vehicles, weapons, gear and more. As we’ve seen, weapons are already a popular NTF in blockchain games like Age of Rust and The Six Dragons.

Quartz will launch in beta in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, and Australia at 18:00 UTC on Thursday, December 9th. It will also be available for the first time on the PC version of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. As part of the first NFT promotion, Ubisoft will release three free Digits for early adopters on December 9th, 12th and 15th. More promotions will follow early next year.

Ubisoft recently demonstrated its interest in blockchain gaming by investing in blockchain gaming company Animoca Brands. However, this company is not the only one supporting the NTF. EA Games recently made a number of blockchain and NTF personnel appointments. Undoubtedly, the joining of large gaming companies to this group is a big win for the entire blockchain industry.

Why Tezos blockchain?

Tezos is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain that uses 2 million times less energy than Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchains such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. The best way to put the situation in perspective is to look at the energy consumption of a single transaction on the blockchain. For example, a single transaction on Tezos uses about the same power as streaming video for 30 seconds. On the other hand, the energy consumption for a single transaction on some PoW blockchains is equivalent to watching videos continuously for a year.

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