GM shares are rising amid GameStop’s announcement of its plans to create an NFT Marketplace

Yesterday we saw an impressive rise in GameStop shares shortly after the announcement of the upcoming creation of the NFT trading platform. Accordingly, the platform will allow trading gaming digital assets.

As a result, GameStop shares rose by more than 30%, reminding the world of its outstanding growth recorded back in January 2021.

GameStop NFT Market: What we know at the moment

GameStop is starting 2022 with headlines thanks to its upcoming launch of the NFT market. Currently, more than 20 technical specialists are working on the creation of this marketplace, which is scheduled to launch at the end of this year.

There is nothing surprising in this news. In fact, GameStop has been actively looking for designers, engineers and community leaders for the NFT project since June 2021.

Starting this month, the company also accepts applications from content creators from all areas. For example, the application form states that it accepts applications from visual artists, game developers, and even from the so-called “lords of memes!”.

The evolution of GameStop continues

GameStop has become the largest platform for trading and buying goods related to games. From Xbox and PlayStation consoles to games and systems, the company seems to have everything.

Given the impressive growth in the number of NFTs in recent months, it was quite expected that the company would also join this trend. After all, many games have implemented NFT into their system to facilitate trading in-game assets. Moreover, the popularity of games with “play-earn” NFT technology is growing rapidly – and GameStop’s NFT market may become one of the best places for this in 2022!

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