Hackers stole $ 1.3 million from users of the Monkey Kingdom NFT project

The attackers hacked into the Discord account of the administrator of the Monkey Kingdom NFT project and posted a phishing link in the group chat before the start of sales. Users lost 7056 SOL (about $ 1.3 million).

Details of the hacking of the NFT site

Monkey Kingdom representatives said that the hack was due to the security flaws of Grape, a solution for identifying users on Solana, which is used by most NFT projects.

They also promised to compensate for the stolen funds and asked to tell the community about receiving the refund.

Launched on November 27, the Asian project Monkey Kingdom contains 2,222 NFTs in the form of pixelated monkeys in various outfits.

Previously, the Fractal NFT platform faced a similar hack. The cybercriminals also posted a phishing link on her Discord.

Users lost about 800 SOL (almost $ 150,000). The project has promised to refund the stolen funds.

Recall, according to Crystal Blockchain, over 10 years the total damage to cryptocurrency platforms and their users from the actions of hackers and fraudsters exceeded $ 12 billion.

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