How the ActiveChimps NFT Project Saves Wild Animals

MyZooVerse launches the ActiveChimps NFT project to free animals from enclosures. The developers of the project presented it as the first zoo for the metaverse.

This one-of-a-kind development will allow users to experience a unique experience. The project will create a metaverse zoo that provides a fun way to explore the animal world. According to the developers, visitors will have the opportunity to walk or fly with their favorite animals.

How the ActiveChimps NFT Project Saves Wild Animals

The first animal of the project will be a chimpanzee. Others will be added at later stages of the project so that users can enjoy the interactive experience longer.

MyZooVerse will use 20% of its proceeds to release animals from real zoos and rehabilitate them in their natural habitat. The company admitted that they were sent about 6,000 drawings of chimpanzees for the metaverse. Now users will see them in virtual reality.

MyZooVerse will allow you to earn in the metaverse and participate in various drawings. Thanks to the ActiveChimps project, you can get closer to wild animals and learn more about them. The company concludes that this project will also help improve the emotional state of a person.

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