What is sold on the NFT market?

Building your own collection of NFTs is an exciting process today. There are a huge number of NFT categories, so everyone who is interested can choose for himself what is interesting for him: games, memes, gifs, tags, sports, real estate and, of course, art. On marketplaces, you can post paintings, music, videos and photos, inspiring other people with a unique vision of the world. Quality content is very important, but it is equally important to understand how to market your NFT.

Where and how are NFTs sold?

It is possible to sell NFTs on a blockchain platform such as Opensea or Solana. In fact, there are quite a lot of marketplaces that work with different categories. To sell your NFT, you first need to decide on a topic and choose a platform. There are platforms most convenient for NFT-art creators, designed exclusively for the promotion of art. After choosing a service, an electronic wallet is created, since NFT tokens are sold for digital currency. On most platforms, this is Ethereum. Although now the aforementioned Solana is rapidly gaining momentum, which differs significantly from many services. You can read about it here.

However, back to the usual broadcast. The wallet is subsequently synchronized with the chosen blockchain platform. Ether serves as a “coin” that can be disposed of after creating a crypto wallet. This currency is necessary, including in order to publish your work. On the air, there is a so-called gas fee – a commission for conducting operations on the site.

How to publish your work?

So, the NFT market helps to make money on your creativity. This is a convenient format for artists and authors, as well as for art collectors. In order to publish your work on the marketplace, you need to go through a small registration. In this regard, there are differences between platforms. For example, everyone can register on OpenSea and Rarible. However, many marketplaces require verification. On some services, you need to go through something like an interview, or you will need an invite from a user who has already passed the “face control”, which is difficult for beginners.

A little about rights

When creating a token, a smart contract is also created, where the conditions for site users are prescribed. It is important for authors to understand what rights to their NFTs will be transferred to the buyer after the auction. Therefore, when posting your work in the public domain, it is better to create an agreement in order to preserve copyright. With this, you can contact our lawyer. Usually, on the sites, the possibility of making changes to smart contracts is small, a lot depends on the exchanges, which prescribe in the user agreement which NFT rights are transferred to a particular buyer.

The NFT art market is now extremely popular and is developing at an incredible speed, as the benefits are obvious: the use of smart contracts makes transactions safer and more transparent, and provides great opportunities for monetizing your creativity.

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