How to Become a Best NFT Trader: Tips from an Expert from the NFT Community

The NFT market is constantly growing. Nowadays a lot of people are logging into it hoping to become an NFT trader and make money. With the help of an experienced NFT expert, you can be sure you are starting on the right track. On Twitter, @ lurvli1 outlined the rules to follow to become an NFT trader.

Five ways to start and build your NFT collection to become a successful NFT trader.

NFT traders use and the Analytics platform, Nansen!
According to @ Lurvli1, the first thing you need to do when choosing an NFT to buy is to use a tool to help you track data. is “a free tool that provides real-time information on the activity of moving projects (volume, price action, trades, market capital)”. This is a great place to start and will help you begin to understand NFT on an analytical scale to make sure you are not buying overpriced ones.

This is related to item number two. @ Lurvli1 suggests using to discover hidden gems. This analytical platform allows you, as an NFT trader, to discover new projects and monitor the mining activity of others. In addition, you can set alerts for the wallet addresses you want to track.

Follow NFT bots and influencers on Twitter

NFT bot accounts may seem annoying, but they are useful. On Twitter, these bots tweet about trending NFT collections for 24 hours, sometimes hourly. These accounts will keep you updated while you go about your business. You cannot look at the screen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, it’s important to remember that speed is everything and you must act quickly to be successful as an NFT trader. Follow @nftwhalealert and @NFTrepreneur to get started.

While there are sometimes influencers on Twitter who “shill” projects, many of them are focused on helping people learn about NTF. Some accounts focus on the community, some help with learning, and others are purely trade-focused. Many of these can be found via #NFT on Twitter.

Recently, the Twitter spaces have become a great way to learn more about NFT. Many in the community love to help others, so never be afraid to ask questions.

Discord is another great way to find projects as an NFT trader, provided you can handle spam and are careful. Some popular accounts also have alpha groups that you can join for a fee, but you should be careful with them and not pay for what you are not sure about.

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