How to speed up mint NFT on SOLANA

We’ve put together some material for you that can help increase your chances of getting branded drops on Solana. As you know, every second is important and our task is to minimize the number of actions during a mint.

Instructions for accelerating mints NFT on SOLANA

First, let’s go over the theory. To buy NFT we need a Phantom wallet. You can top it up from binance or any other exchange where #SOL is traded.

We track sales for solana on the following sites:

  • https: //
  • https: //

Be sure to do your own research (analysis). Check social media, check the site for errors, and be sure to check the roadmap. It is important not only its presence, but also the past stages. In simple words, we look at what the project promised and what it has already completed and whether it complies with the roadmap.

After we have chosen the project, checked it and stopped it – we need to evaluate the rarity of the dropped NFT. Do not rush to sell at the floor price right away, there is a high probability of losing the price and throwing off the early NFT 2-3 times below your real price.

After the theory, you can go to the essence of the material. Now we will prepare our wallets for a quick collectible mint.

  1. Open your Phantom wallet in a browser and go to settings.
  2. Go to the Auto-Lock Timer section. This parameter allows us to configure the time after which we need to enter the password to unlock the wallet.
  3. We think everyone had this when they needed to minty, and your wallet was blocked and asks for a password, wasting your precious time.
  4. We set the maximum value to 999999 and save.
  5. The next point we need to remove the confirmation of transactions. Go to the Trusted Apps section.
  • go to the settings in the Trusted Apps section
  • put a tick Auto-approve on the site where we will have a mint
  • after minting, we delete the site’s access to our wallet.

Thus, the site will not send us a pop-up window to approve the transaction and will do everything for us, thereby saving time. Time, which is very important in today’s realities for the collection of mints. We hope this article was helpful to you.

Be sure to remember that we take all mints from the left wallets on which we do not store NFT and extra SOL.

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