Huawei enters the Web3 space

The mobile phone industry has received a lot of attention due to its huge impact on the development of Web3. According to some information, Huawei has begun to explore the possibilities of the Web3 space. This issue is handled by the Harmony, Huawei Cloud and Huawei Pay departments.

The Corporation strives to be among the top leaders in the implementation of innovative technologies. HTC and Samsung are already actively exploring their possibilities in Web3. HTC, for example, has already released a phone that makes it easier to manage cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Nothing Phone launched a partnership with blockchain giant Polygon in July. The manufacturer plans to combine Web3 and mobile devices, hoping to become a market leader.

Last month, Solana announced the launch of a Web3 Android smartphone. This phone will use its well developed software, Solana Mobile Stack (SMS). Solana’s goal is to grow its user base and be available on Samsung phones, Google phones, and other Android devices as well.

The Web3 giants have shown the potential to impact the cell phone industry and even the mobile Internet. Not surprisingly, many companies are now looking to create a new generation of smartphones, because Web3 is an inevitable step for the industry.

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