The NFT space has been slowly making its way into the film industry lately. More and more independent filmmakers are seeking support and funding from NFT world enthusiasts. Filmmakers are exploring the new possibilities that NFT can give them.

One of the directors of indie cinema, Miguel Faus stated:

“The first few films to receive funding in this way will take their place in history. They will pioneer a new path that I think will have a huge impact on indie cinema around the world.”

March 2 – the date of the start of the search for funding in the NFT space

His debut feature film, Calladita, begins a fundraising campaign in the NFT space as early as March 2. Faus likened it to the new crowdfunding model. In the traditional approach, he assured, most of the funds go to the production of physical products as a reward – merch, DVDs, posters, posters, t-shirts and more. And with the creation of NFTs, production costs are reduced. The token, being a digital asset, can bring huge benefits in the future.

The film Calladita, based on his short film of the same name, tells the story of Ana, a young Colombian housekeeper in a wealthy family’s Spanish holiday home. Backers (those who finance projects) will receive various types of rewards: the title of assistant producer, costumes and props, as well as unique NFT tokens and a chance to visit the set.

The NFT tokens of the project are photos and videos from the filming of the short film. One of the tokens will be a four-minute featurette “Ana on an August Day” that has not yet been featured anywhere.

“This is an absolutely exclusive film and its only purpose is to live like an NFT for the collector, as one of a kind,” Faus said. The owner of this NFT token will be able to submit this film to various film festivals.

Notably, one of the heroines of the funded film is an NFT artist and gallery owner. Backers will also have the chance to create NFTs in the real world and display them as part of the heroine’s collection inside the movie.

The director, according to him, deliberately directed this film project to the NFT space and its enthusiasts, rather than moviegoers:

“I have decided that 95% of my energy will be directed towards this goal. It’s hard trying to convince someone who has never had a cryptocurrency to buy their first NFT.” Faus is sure that there are many movie lovers in the NFT world, as well as those who are always excited about the new application of NFT. He pointed to the paradigm shift that accompanies digital ownership – as a work’s creator and owner can be traced back – stating that the era of Netflix may soon be over.

“They can interact with the audience in a much cleaner way that empowers both the creator and the audience,” the director concluded.

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