Intellivision sells video games in NFT form – for as-yet-unreleased console

Intellivision’s retro Android-powered Amico console is due for release on October 20, 2020. There have been repeated delays and delays since the first announcement of the product, and a new first day of sales is still in question. However, there are already the first games for the unreleased console that the company sells to customers. The games are available in time-limited packages ranging from $ 80 to $ 150, and are NFT for some reason.
Even if the console isn’t on the market yet, Intellivision is still working hard to provide people with the games they want. Products for retro lovers are provided with packages of physical games. An Android console should offer a playground for many ported and even some Flash games, which should make players feel nostalgic. The cost should be between $ 250 and $ 300.
Games are not offered to users as a physical product as originally intended. There are small coins and cards in the boxes, but the game itself is not included. Instead, there is an RFID card that can be used to unlock access to the game – of course only on the Amico console, which doesn’t exist yet.

Digital technology is indispensable

An internet connection is also required to download the game. But only for download. After that, the game can be played offline in a classic way. Nowadays, digital components are simply impossible to do without. This also includes NFT integration. Each of the games purchased or downloaded via an RFID card is tied to an NFT, which itself is part of the blockchain. The future will show how practical this idea is. Maybe it will become clear when the console will actually hit the market.
There are three different game packages in total. The largest box contains all eight games for $ 150, and the other two packages contain four games for $ 80.

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