Learn more about launching an NFT-based mobile game

Yesterday, the organizers of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games announced the launch of an NFT-based mobile game. Users will be able to purchase rights to virtual real estate. The game is called Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022.

Well-known Hong Kong developers from NWay had a hand in creating the game. This is a studio that has created blockchain games more than once. The essence of receiving NFT is simple: the user will receive a token every time he passes the next level. This genre of games is quite common and is called “play to earn”.

What is a game? Players can compete in a range of sports such as cross country skiing or snowboarding. Also, users will be able to buy digital versions of the famous Olympic badges and exchange them on the marketplace. From each sale of the token, the IOC will receive royalties.

“The game will allow everyone to own a piece of Olympic history,” says NWay CEO Kim Tae-Hung. He also added that the game will be updated frequently to keep the competitive spirit for as long as possible.

Despite this, the game will be available worldwide, except for China, which is skeptical about the NFT world. The launch of the game, however, is planned for the opening day of the Olympic Games.

Whether this will bring success to the IOC in a new direction for them is not clear. As you know, NFTs are haunted by failures in the gaming industry due to the endless criticism of users.

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