Japanese media company Mixi chooses Flow blockchain to launch new games and NFT

Japanese media company mixi today announced plans to launch NFT to consumers across Japan on Flow, a next-generation blockchain designed for consumer-friendly apps.

Known for their crafty entertainment and sports offerings including social media mixi, the mobile game Monster Strike, which has grossed over $ 9 billion since its launch in 2013, and their latest release, TIPSTAR, a sports betting service, mixi is now turning to blockchain to transform the way their consumers interact with their digital content

“mixi is one of the most innovative companies with a track record of best-in-market emerging technology platforms, bringing some of the biggest and most successful digital entertainment and sports experiences to fans across Japan,” said Roham Garegozlu, CEO of Dapper Labs.

“They continue to pioneer new game-changing platforms and we are delighted that they chose Flow to bring their epic NFT strategy to life. We are delighted to partner with mixi in what we see as a tremendous opportunity and an amazing journey forward.” …

Japanese media company Mixi plans at launching NFT

Through the partnership, mixi will develop innovative new products that live on Flow, leveraging the operational know-how and development support of the Dapper Labs team. Establishing the NFT ERC-721 standard, Dapper Labs is the company behind CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot, the biggest success in the NFT market with cumulative sales in excess of $ 800 million.

“The NBA Top Shot on Flow provides the first NFT collectible experience that drives consumer adoption and is traded on a large scale,” said Koki Kimura, president and CEO of mixi. “Dapper Labs’ creativity in design and functionality is so outstanding it almost inspires jealousy. In the US, they have already become a major presence in the sports economy. We hope to bring the same energy to the Japanese NFT market by turning diverse entertainment and sports content into digital assets. “.

mixi strives to offer superior communication services for friends and family, such as social media mixi and the smartphone game Monster Strike. mixi has focused on growing its next-generation entertainment and sports business to pursue last year’s mid-term policy of “enriching global communication by combining entertainment with technology.” Its most recent notable release is TIPSTAR, a social sports betting service.

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