Japan’s Leading Social Media Platform LINE Announces Entry into the NFT Market

Details about the LINE NFT market

Another heavyweight entered the ring. LINE, which has been in business for ten years, has a solid portfolio that allows them to complete what they have in mind. LINE is in a strong position from social media to the LINE NFT market and part of the metaverse.

LINE is Japan’s largest social media platform. In 2013, it overtook its rival KakaoTalk with over 300 million users. Today, that number is expected to at least double. Started as a free application for instant communications such as text messages, video calls, voice messages. They started introducing various services such as digital wallets called LINE pay. They now have a huge number of services such as LINE ticket, LINE recordings, LINE Manga and LINE FX just to name a few.

On their website, they tell how they created a taxi service. During the pandemic, she lost a huge amount of profit. To combat this, they made the decision to change their taxi service to a food delivery service, which ended up flourishing. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that they’ve plunged headlong into the world of NFTs and the metaverse.

LINE is hosting an annual Taiwan Developer Conference called “LINE TAIWAN TECHPULSE 2022”. This online conference announces various projects and updates from the team. This year they released a LINE NFT marketplace called DOSI. The development plan and the first wave of “DOSI” online trading platform services are expected to be launched in the first quarter of this year. Creating an NFT marketplace was all the rage this year, Bybit announced its NFT marketplace shortly before LINE.

After the release of the NFT Market platform in Japan, LINE officially announced that the DOSI platform built on the LINE blockchain supports 8 languages ​​and will be available in 180 countries. LINE entered the Metaverse market with the launch of the DOSI platform. Global companies, creators and fans can create virtual economic circles and build branded NFT stores.

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