Jingtan freezes hundreds of accounts for using ‘fraudulent’ techniques to buy NFTs

Attention! Alibaba’s NFT trading platform Jingtan froze over 680 users’ accounts

Alibaba’s NFT trading platform Jingtan froze the accounts of more than 680 users, accusing them of using “fraudulent” techniques when buying tokens.
A representative from Jingtan explained which techniques are considered fraudulent. For users who buy tokens from personal computers, the use of “autoclickers” is prohibited – programs that constantly click on the purchase button. The use of such programs gives the buyer an advantage – after the NFT is put up for sale, it is redeemed instantly.

The tactics of mobile device users are more interesting – according to Jingtan, they use massage devices for a similar effect. Leaning such a device against the NFT purchase button on a mobile device, the frequency of pressing will be huge.

Jingtan considers such techniques to be fraudulent and has froze over 680 accounts for violating “fair trade rules.” However, the platform is not going to confiscate the purchased NFTs, and the freezing period is set for 1 year. In case of repeated use of such techniques, users may face “tougher” measures from the platform.

Recall that in early March, one of the most popular NFT trading platforms, OpenSea, began blocking users from Iran. Blocking is associated with US sanctions.

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