Johnny Depp puts his paintings up for sale as NFTs

Johnny Depp presented the Never Fear the Truth NFT collection

Tokens are digitized portraits of the actor’s friends and people who inspire him.

The collection consists of 11,111 NFTs, but Depp only put up 10,000 tokens for sale. The rest of the actor will distribute among the project team, fans and charitable organizations. A quarter of the proceeds will go to charity.

NFTs are released on the Ethereum blockchain. You can buy Depp’s works on the official website of the project. The purchase is available to users who won the lottery.

The secondary sale of NFTs will be opened on the Rarible marketplace. In the future, token holders will be entitled to purchase physical copies of paintings.

“We decided to release a series of portraits, but in such a way that we get something in return. Being able to say hello to my fans and support the charities that have been so important to my family is an incredible gift. I hope we can build a new community of friends around these NFTs. My participation in this space is just beginning,” said the actor.

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