Just imagine, 71% of Brits have considered investing in NFTs

UK residents are showing renewed interest in crypto assets, with 71% of Generation Z considering investing in NFTs. In addition, millennials have begun to embrace NFTs, with 68% interested in digital art, while Generation X is at a lower level of 35%. As the popularity of NFTs sweeps the world, acceptance of assets in the form of NFTs is expanding rapidly.

The British see the feasibility of investing in NFTs

Over the past year, awareness of NMT in the United Kingdom has increased dramatically. In September, a Finders survey of around 28,000 people found that more than 78% of the UK population knew nothing about NFTs. In addition, the study found that the “predicted adoption rate” of these digital assets would only increase by 5.8, given that only 2% of the population owns NFTs.

Moreover, new data has shown that British men are the main consumers of cryptocurrencies in the country. According to current data, 26% of Gen Z women invest in cryptocurrencies, while the share of Gen Z men is slightly over 30%. The study showed that the inhabitants of the country mainly hold cryptocurrencies for investment purposes. However, 42% of owners said they make a variety of purchases, including NFTs. Surprisingly, the interest of citizens in receiving a salary through cryptocurrency has grown all over the world. 65% of male millennials have voted for crypto payments to receive compensation in the UK. However, in the US and China, the willingness to accept crypto as a direct payment averages 35%, which is almost half that of the UK.

As cryptocurrencies proliferate, governments are starting to crack down on blockchain scams. As a result, the recent seizures of various assets in the UK have led to the arrest of many individuals using blockchain to cover up fraud.

While knowledge of Web3 continues to become world famous, many countries have already begun to embrace cryptocurrency and the power that comes with it. With NFT sales reaching record highs in January, the crypto market looks set to dominate the first half of the year.

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