KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Opens Metaverse Office

Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin has opened its office in the Ertha metaverse. Now users can literally immerse themselves in cryptocurrency charts and feel their presence on the trading exchange.

The office is located on the first play area of ​​Ertha. According to the data, over 24,000 properties in the metaverse have sold out so far, with a 30% discount only for a limited time.

KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Opens Metaverse Office

Ertha representatives said that the presence of KuCoin on their platform speaks to the long-term potential of Ertha and its credibility in the market. But the metaverse was doing well even before the advent of KuCoin. Not too long ago, Ertha sold a virtual world for $120,000, a new world record. Tokyo went under the hammer for $59,000 and most of Sweden was sold to a single buyer for $50,000.

Ertha aims to be not only a place to play and earn, but also to gain knowledge about cryptocurrencies. To this end, Ertha has recently implemented quiz features.

The developers listened to their community. Ertha has improved graphics and performance, as well as implemented more complex mechanics that were not available on the web version.

Ertha expects an influx of hundreds of thousands of players as there are 360,000 more plots available for purchase.

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