Largest Ecommerce Platform Shopify Launches NFT Marketplace

Canadian company Shopify, the largest provider of software for online stores and retail retailers, has launched beta versions of an inclusive NFT marketplace. The platform for issuing and trading unique, indivisible tokens is still available in test mode for US customers with a premium subscription.

Shopify NFT Market users got a way to issue cryptocurrency on blockchains

Commercial companies, users of the Shopify NFT Market, got an easy way to issue their own exclusive cryptocurrency on blockchains: Near, Flow, Ethereum or on the second-level Polygon network.

Members of the Shopify Plus program, along with this service, gain access to the possibilities of selling goods with cryptocurrency. The conversion and processing of crypto transactions is handled by Coinbase Commerce, BitPay and CoinPaymentsNet.

NFT Market allows you to sell unique tokens for cryptocurrency and fiat using credit and debit cards. Shopify Plus provides NFT entitlement via email via vouchers, allowing retailers to conduct marketing programs.

The NFT Market platform also supports the use of unique tokens as an access key to premium services of online stores or to distribute special discounts. NFTs can also be redeemed for points from various loyalty programs.

The cryptocurrency market has not yet had time to react to this news. The services offered by Shopify are pioneering the use of unique tokens in e-commerce.

The company’s CEO Toby Lutke launched his own website tobi.eth in the ENS system last week. A number of experts believe that these domains will become a mecca for a new type of e-commerce using NFT and smart contracts in trading platforms.

Apparently, a number of speculators adhere to a similar point of view, reflected in the growth of the ENS token by 3.7% at the end of yesterday, despite the general decline in the cryptocurrency market.

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