Lion’s Milk Coffeeshop: The First In The History Of A Cafe In Which The Art Of The NFT Is Exhibited

Is it any wonder that Brooklyn, NY is home to the first ever NFT Café? This is the mantle that Lion’s Milk proudly claims! The cafe is currently showcasing a rotating collection of NFT avatars on screens in its store.

Lion’s Milk has officially become an NFT cafe

It is important to note that Lion’s Milk tweeted emphasizes that it features an NTF with a profile picture, which those in the industry refer to as PFPs. Therefore, he may not be the first when it comes to all types of NTF. While it is unclear exactly when Lion’s Milk officially became the NFT cafe, it tweeted several photos of its NFT displays during NFT NYC’s November event. Regardless, the Williamsburg café / bar is likely to become a favorite for Brooklyn NFT coffee lovers. Indeed, thanks to digital photo frames with various NFTs, the Mutant Ape PFP twitter, and even the “.eth” name on Twitter, Lion’s Milk is bringing the markers of its NFT community to the fore.
However, that doesn’t mean Lion’s Milk isn’t doing more to become an NFT certified seat. First, it looks like the company is working on accepting in-store crypto payments (although ETH may not be the best way to pay for lattes … even the cheapest gas fare will eclipse the cost of coffee many times over). The coffee shop also plans to host events for the NFT communities. In fact, the first private event was held for the owners of the Furry Polar Bears NFT. Apparently this event took place a few weeks ago during the NFT NYC. Anyway, we are already seeing IRL NFT galleries becoming more popular. So it makes sense that we are beginning to see establishments such as cafes and bars also embrace this ever-evolving industry.

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