Little Big Sells NFT Collection With Memes On OpenSea Marketplace

The representatives of the initiative planned to launch sales at the beginning of December 2021.

Chicken eggs collection in NFT format

Music group Little Big will sell a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the popular OpenSea marketplace. Information about this appeared on the artists’ YouTube channel in a humorous video, according to the plot of which the band’s soloist Ilya Prusikin appears as a crypto billionaire.

The Little Big collection will consist of pictures of painted chicken eggs in NFT format. In total, the musicians will issue 1,000 tokens.

The official website of the project says that “a unique meme is hidden in each egg, which will become available to its owner a week after the start of sales.”

“At the hour of X, the lots will open, and only then will the owners see their unique objects,” said representatives of the initiative.

The Little Big team created their first NFT collection in collaboration with media artist and founder of the Instigators art group Denis Davydov. The project was also attended by employees of the Peppermint agency, whose team specializes in publishing and producing projects based on non-fungible tokens.

NFT example from Little Big collection

The start of sales of Little Big NFT eggs is scheduled for December 3, 2021. The lot, according to representatives of the initiative, can be purchased on the OpenSea marketplace.

Previously, musicians have repeatedly touched on the topic of digital assets in their work. For example, in the video for The Internet, which the Little Big team recorded together with the artist Oliver Tree, there is a reference to the high volatility of bitcoin and suspicions that BTC is nothing more than a financial bubble.

Little Big are far from the only artists showing interest in the non-fungible token market. Recently, it was reported on the net that Animoca Brands will build an NFT metaverse for K-pop.

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