Looksrare NFT Market and Solana Blockchain Records

Looksrare NFT Marketplace Sets a Stunning Record

The new NT-marketplace Looksrare, which has been operating for 10 days, has set another stunning trading record, having made a turnover of almost $700 million per day. These figures finally shift the former undisputed leader in this direction, the OpenSea trading platform, which has traded $150 million over the past day, to the sidelines.

The reason for Looksrare’s rapid dominance lies in the right marketing, betting on an unusual airdrop and issuing its own LOOKS utility token.

The OpenSea marketplace does not have its own service cryptocurrency, they openly said that there is no need for it. Looksrare developers have shown the power of a utility token in poaching customers from a competing service.

OpenSea users who made transactions from 3 ETH during the last six months received the right to LOOKS tokens. The amount of reward was 10,000 coins, which increased the turnover of the new marketplace by 69 times on the second day of work.

Looksrare overtook OpenSea in the first week of operation, increasing volumes to $444 million. In addition to the airdrop, the site also shares profits with customers, allowing you to earn “farm interest” on turnover.

Solana blockchain, another NFT industry record holder yesterday. According to the CryptoSlam service, the total sales of unique tokens in this ecosystem have exceeded the $1 billion threshold.

The significance of this figure is emphasized by the statistical fact of the last year. In September 2021, NFT sales on the Solana blockchain passed the $1 million milestone.

According to Block Research analytics, the main turnover of unique tokens is still issued on Ethereum. However, since the new year, Solana has increasingly taken second place among the blockchains on which NFTs are issued. This is due to the high scalability of the network and low fees, combined with the reliability of the decentralized technology used.

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