Maison Hennessy Launches First Ever NFT Collection via Blockbar

250 year old cognac maker Maison Hennessy enters the NFT world! The new collection features Hennessy-8, a cognac masterpiece and a tribute to eight generations of blending masters. The House’s first $225,000 NFT collection is available exclusively through BlockBar.

In 2017, seventh generation blender Jan Fiyu passed the baton to his nephew Renault Fiyu de Gironde. This marked the beginning of a new era for the cognac house, which was marked by a wonderful and very symbolic blend. Using one eau-de-vie from each generation of Hennessy blenders, Hennessy-8 is now moving into a new dimension as NFT.

About Maison Hennessy’s debut NFT offering

Within five years, Hennessy-8 was created in honor of the arrival of a new generation and the heritage of Maison Hennessy in the transfer of cognac craftsmanship. Therefore, future owners receive refined, elegant and thin NFTs. After all, this cognac embodies 250 years of excellence, constant invention and shared experience.

Numbered 1/250 and 250/250 respectively, these two NFTs represent an exclusive opportunity to own remarkable moments in the history of cognac production. In addition, Maison Hennessy will open its doors at the Hennessy estate in Cognac, France for the buyer of these NFTs as a friend of the Maison.

The Hennessy-8 NFT comes with both physical and digital attributes. For example, each purchase comes with a beautiful commemorative sculpture. In addition, the new owner of the NFT will receive a gem-like copper key to open a physical chest containing a decanter like a protective shell.

Aric Levy designed the chest using oak poles sourced from La Sarrazine, a Hennessy cooperage. It consists of 25 layers, each symbolizing 10 years of Hennessy history. The elegant companion tool set contains four tasting glasses originally designed by glassmaker Georg Riedel and Yann Filho 30 years ago. They have been redesigned specifically for the Hennessy-8.

The set also includes a pipette made of oak barrel wood and a cork holder. To complete the presentation of the Hennessy-8 legacy cognac, there is also a numbered certificate signed by Yann Fiyu. Finally, the set includes a commemorative brochure describing the genesis and spirit of the Hennessy-8, as well as a personalized authentication plate.

Partnership with BlockBar

Unique NFTs are available exclusively through Two Hennessy-8 NFTs, available only to one buyer, at a price of 58 ETH (about $225,000), will be sold on Wednesday, January 12, 2022. At 9:30 a.m. ET, a lobby will open for users, which can be accessed by having 1 ETH in their wallet and connecting it to the site.

Then, at 10:00 AM ET, all users in the lobby will be shuffled randomly. The BlockBar will then guide them through the queue. Each person at the top of the queue has 10 minutes to deposit 1 ETH and then another 48 hours to deposit the rest. Users can purchase NFTs with Ethereum (ETH) or a credit card.

Dov Falich, CEO and co-founder of BlockBar, describes Maison’s NFT venture as an innovative milestone. He noted that Hennessy’s heritage includes “the transfer of know-how from one generation to the next.” Therefore, they are honored that the House has chosen Blockbar as their exclusive partner.

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