Marketplace Flowow has released an NFT in support of everyone who is now far from their loved ones

On July 6, the world celebrates Kissing Day, the release of the first NFT collection of the Flowow marketplace “Near/Far” is timed to coincide with this holiday. The characters in the illustrations are young people who meet after a long separation to hug and kiss each other.

Kissing Day this year has become an occasion to think about those who cannot be close to loved ones. About those who left of their own free will or in connection with the circumstances. And about those who stayed at home, seeing off their loved ones on the road. To implement the idea, the NFT format was chosen, which allows presenting creativity to a wide audience. The press service of Flowow said that the sale of lots is not the goal of the project, it is much more important to speak out on a significant topic of feelings and relationships.

Two illustrations show the most emotional meeting places – the train station and the airport. The third location – a fantastic teleport – reminds you that nothing is impossible and that one should not despair, even if the moment of meeting seems out of reach. Each lot has a promo code for 10 thousand rubles for purchases on Flowow. The owner of the certificate will be able to use it to send a gift or flowers to a recipient in one of 950 cities around the world. Among the categories of goods of the service: cakes and pastries, decorations and decor items from local designers, fresh and cut flowers, natural cosmetics and more. The Near/Far NFT collection is hosted on the OpenSea platform. One of the three tokens will be raffled among marketplace customers who made a purchase from July 5 to July 15. The Flowow team will randomly select a winner and announce the results on July 18th.

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