MekaVerse won first place in OpenSea

According to the latest data, MekaVerse created a volume of 22 thousand  ETH. At current prices, this corresponds to 72 million 500 thousand dollars. 

The MekaVerse printing fee, of which 8,593 copies were printed, was 0.2 ETH. The base price of collectibles, which were later put up for sale by their owners on OpenSea, reached 6.5 ETH. This increase in value occurs even if buyers do not yet know what will happen to the NFTs they have purchased. Buyers will find out what their Meka will look like, whether it’s a rare feature NFT or a regular NFT, on October 10-11. MekaVerse is an 8888 NFT collection inspired by the Japanese robot anime series. While 8593 NFTs will be printed, the rest will be used by MekaVerse in various promotions. On the other hand, MekaVerse has also been criticized for not auditing its smart contract.

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