Microsoft marks the launch of Windows 11 with the release of its own NFTs

Windows 11 is now available, and Microsoft has thrown all kinds of celebrations and activities to celebrate. They ran ads in Times Square, introduced Windows 11 ice cream and a light show in Dubai. Microsoft also hosted Elevenation, a 6D music experience. In pursuit of this, Microsoft decided to get into the trendy NFT among young people.

Yes, yes, everything is exactly that, in honor of the release of the operating system, Microsoft decided to spend money on the creation of a crypto-token, which in the future can be used for something useful.

NFT Windows 11 is a unique cryptographic token that lives in your digital wallet and unlocks valuable experiences and rewards.

As for the 6D experience, it makes the same sense as Microsoft’s NFT. In fact, it’s just a live stream with the ability to switch between multiple cameras. So it’s really just a simple 2D experience wrapped in a thick layer of marketing. Just like the NFTs themselves! What an irony!

But if you are also interested to know if it will be possible to speculate and sell Windows 11 NFT for a couple of trillion dollars in cryptocurrency, then join us, we will wait for the announcement together. Until then, you can vote!

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