MIPT issued the first NFT diplomas in Russia

The master’s program of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology was the first in Russia to issue non-fungible tokens for diplomas of graduates of the Blockchain direction, according to a press release received by the editors of InScience.News. The NFT-diploma is a graphic video object containing information about the student and the year of his graduation, as well as electronic signatures of the members of the attestation commission – this allows you to additionally confirm the authenticity. To issue diplomas with NFT, the Etherium blockchain and the OpenSea platform were used.

“Issuing diploma NFT tokens on the blockchain was a logical step for us. Our magistracy focuses on the relevance of knowledge and formats, and the NFT format has already successfully established itself in the market not only as a collectible, but also as a form of ownership of a digital asset. In this regard, the digital diploma perfectly demonstrates the main properties of the blockchain: transparency, immutability, security and traceability. A diploma in this format cannot be faked or modified,” comments Vladimir Gorgadze, head of the magistracy.

Today in the world the problem of forgery of diplomas and confirmation of the acquired level of knowledge is particularly acute. That is why blockchain-based technological solutions are increasingly being introduced into the education sector.

Thanks to diplomas in the NFT format, information about the degree of education will be more transparent and will help to easily trace the authenticity of the document. The fact is that a digital diploma created in the NFT format cannot be faked. In addition, the graduate will be able to easily provide this document to an employer from anywhere in the world.

“Many now perceive NFT as a hype, but this format has excellent prospects for entering everyday life. For example, you can sell tickets to events in the form of NFTs or use them as proof of ownership of real estate. In fact, we are talking about a safe and convenient way to confirm any ownership rights,” says Alexander Belenov, co-founder of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology’s Blockchain Master’s program and head of the ChainLab Blockchain Technologies Laboratory of the Idea Research Center, the base organization of the master’s program.

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