Mutant Ape AI Art Collection

Mutant Ape AI Art Collection is a special feature from all mutant collections. I see this for the first time, as it is on the verge of oil art and generative. Compositions around mutants also matter. Not just a dull color background. Every mutant has an idea. Drawn in great detail. In general, it seems that each mutant was drawn by a separate artist. If you disassemble each monkey, it will take 300 days. Exactly by the number of mutant monkeys.

I’ll randomize 236, 275, and 300.


Mind-blowing composition art of things. The set of items in the complex is the face of a mutant monkey. (Remember this Tesla installation). IT is here in the monkey. This is very cool. such a composition should have taken at least a week.


Fruits, bananas, berries – that’s what we got the mutant monkey 275. This is a new type of installation in art. Fruit and berry art. Very cool. Immediately there is a desire. Most importantly, mutants are not afraid. On the contrary, it is cheerful and fresh.


Dude, it’s generally straight to Christis or Sotheby’s. for 300 Ethers. This is the skin of a leopard, and an autumn leaf, and a wine cork in the mutant’s eye. An abundance of color and lighting.

I really like this collection. THIS IS AN ART !!!

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