MyTVchain service and racing driver Sebastien Loeb will release an NFT collection

New collection of NFTs from professional racers

Streaming service MyTVChain has announced a partnership with nine-time World Rally Championship winner Sebastien Loeb, the most successful driver in the World Rally Championship. His last significant victory was second place at the 2022 Dakar Rally and first place at the 2022 Monte Carlo Rally.

A world famous racing driver has joined the platform to popularize the universe of sports through the Web 3.0 revolution. MyTVchain is a Web 3.0 platform based on a BEP-20 token called MYTV that has gone through successful private sale rounds and raised a hefty $880,000.

MyTVChain creates a two-way user interaction with top level athletes, clubs and associations through its platform. Joining the Sebastian Loeb project allows us to talk about a successful entry into the market.

MyTVChain provides a decentralized streaming service for athletes, clubs and companies using blockchain technology. Platform users can also use the NFT market built into MyTVChain by collecting legendary cards and selling them on secondary markets.

All cards represent a moment from the athlete’s career or team history, some of which are accompanied by an autograph.

MyTVChain offers a unique vision for Fan2Earn, designed to connect fans, sports teams and athletes. Using a unique networking scheme, fans will be able to experience unique content and support their favorite athletes.

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