Myty Microwave Creates Emotional Avatars in the form of NFT

The company OFF, the developer of the microcked MYTY, received at his disposal for the development of $ 3.5 million.

Avatars in the form of NFT for players. Details

Myty allows players to create their own avatars and use them in a wide spectrum of social networks – Zoom, YouTube and Twitch. As it turned out, the creation of avatars of players for the microcalance turned out to be a requested service.

The leaders of the new round of financing were Hashed and Collab + Currency, including Bitkraft Ventures, Electric Capital, Coinbase Ventures and Samsungnext.

Unlike the methawned tandem OFF and Myty, more focused on the microculmonary, medium available inside the metavlase. Myty team does everything to help the user express himself through his avatar.

Our vision metavlane is to provide opportunity to escape from physical reality to express oneself honestly and reliably …

We think that the avatars will become a key component for a large number of people who will enter the metavlasen, and will present them to the second person in the form of NFT, “said the head of the Off of Jin Wu Pak.

In the future, the OFF team will begin work on the Ghosts Project project, a collection of NFT-avatars developed with the participation of the Mrmisang team. Ghosts Project is developed to offer users an emotional online avatars based on NFT.

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