A big success for the women’s NFT collection is expected

Many experts predict the success of the new Women We Love NFT collection, which should be released soon. Even before the release, she managed to attract the attention of influential women in the world. For example, Randi Zuckerberg shared an image on social media this week.

It is known that Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber and Reese Witherspoon are also eyeing the collection.

The promising Women We Love collection has a very interesting roadmap, airdrops, various events, as well as sharing the secondary market revenue with the owners of the collection.

In addition, the collection works closely with Equality Now, a charity whose mission is legal and systemic change to combat violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world.

Benefits for NFT Women We Love Owners

An interesting feature is that each holder of NFT Women We Love will own all the intellectual rights to their token and will receive all ongoing royalties from any cooperation with large retail, gaming and merchandise companies.

The Women We Love project was founded by Michael Turnbull. He has been working in the blockchain space for seven years and is an advisor to leading NFT projects and Web3 industry professionals. In a short time, the project has grown, and now there is a large team behind it. Women We Love has also partnered with Binance, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Coindoo, and Wall Street Bets.

In addition, the project has a strong educational program. Token collectors also get access to it. The program trains holders around the world on how to access Web 3, set up their wallets and then manage their NFT collection using the best security practices.

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