New Year Factor Spurred Growth in NFT Token Trading

The last month of the past year reversed the downward trend in trading volumes for NFT tokens, which had lasted for four months. According to Block Research, the turnover of transactions with indivisible tokens in December was $ 2.26 billion.


What are the benefits of NFT to its owner?

The New Year’s proximity factor has boosted the demand for the collections of developers Larva Labs (CryptoPunks) and Yuga Labs (Bored Ape Yacht Club monkeys) after these NFTs began to acquire various celebrities.

Unlike real luxury goods, virtual unique tokens allow the owner to demonstrate their status through social networks to a much larger Internet audience. Plus, digital art is an ideal form of investment. The above NFT collections continue to break price records, and experts predict a thousandfold increase in demand for these assets.

December also saw an increase in trading volume for unique tokens associated with virtual and blockchain games. Today, their share in total sales is small at $ 76.6 million, but the GameFi industry is only at the beginning of its development.

The idea of ​​Mark Zuckerberg to switch to the Metaverse format in social communication is impossible without the use of NFT. Digital uniqueness will allow selling goods, tickets, services in the virtual space, creating and securing copyrights. NFTs also serve as the backbone of the play-to-earn economy.

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