Next Earth donated $ 64,000 from NFT sales to the environment

Next Earth, which sells NFTs for virtual parcels of land, has raised $ 64,000 in BNB for environmental charity.
The proceeds from the sale of NFT went to four of the largest environmental organizations. The distribution of funds between organizations during the voting among NFT holders was as follows: the environmental organization Ocean Cleanup received 86 BNB, SEE Turtles – 24.57 BNB, and Kiss the Ground and Amazon Watch received about 51 BNB.

Next Earth and NFT will help the environment

Recently, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report highlighting the urgency of action. Now ecology is the “red code” for humanity. Therefore, according to the founders of Next Earth, there is no more important investment than financing projects that will help stabilize the climate, adapt to climate change and get out of the carbon business altogether. However, it is possible that such a modest donation will help Next Earth increase token sales.

Cryptocurrency companies, each at its own level, are involved in solving environmental problems. Ripple recently invested $ 44 million in one of the Nelnet Renewable Energy cryptocurrency funds, created to develop solar energy in the United States. Amid ongoing criticism of the significant electricity consumption and carbon footprint of Bitcoin miners? data centers are increasingly using electricity from nuclear power plants to mine cryptocurrencies. VeChain announced the launch of a new system that will account for carbon dioxide emissions at all stages of production chains.

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