NFT artist Pak reveals his identity

The most enigmatic NFT artist of our time, Pak, has revealed his true identity. It was Federico Clapis, a digital artist from Italy.

On the official page of Federico Clapis on Twitter, a short message appeared: “I am Pak”.

Pak is the most famous digital artist in the space. His identity has always remained anonymous. But recently the community has suspected that Federico Clapis may be Puck, as Clapis is known for using multiple identities for various projects. However, unlike Pak, the artist from Italy was frank and straightforward about his personality.

Clapis became a popular NFT artist a little later than Pak. Their style, approach to rewarding their fans, and strategic view of the market are similar.

Yet this is not the first time someone claims to be an artist. Since his latest project Carbon in collaboration with several artists and celebrities, pop star Paris Hilton has also claimed to be Pac.

Artist Pak’s latest projects, LostPoets and Merge, have raised over $200 million. However, the main achievement of these two projects was the strong community that the artist managed to gather. LostPoets sold a total of 65536 NFTs in one day!

User free planets posted pictures of the collection not pak

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