NFT as Profile Picture: Twitter Testing New Cryptocurrency Feature

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is an outspoken supporter of cryptocurrency. His company recently announced that users will be able to tip each other in BTC in the future. But this should by no means remain the only blockchain-based application. Dorsey is also impressed with NFT. After all, the multibillionaire sold his first $ 2.9 million tweet in NFT form in early 2021 and then donated the money to charity.
Rather than just turning tweets into NFTs, Twitter apparently also wants to bring NFT to the platform in the future. In a video posted by Twitter’s CMO, a social networking developer shows how such an NFT integration might work.
The Twitter app can be connected to your own cryptocurrency wallet. Users will then have access to all of their NFTs and can use them as their profile picture – provided that the NFT is also a picture. A small icon at the edge of the user’s image will indicate, for example, that the NFT is stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

A lot of money in the NFT market

The NFT market started growing again in August 2021. According to Block data, there were about 33,000 active wallets in the last week of August. The NFT Opensea platform also posted record sales. There, collectors spent over $ 3.3 billion on NFTs. At the same time, the number of Opensea users increased. Dune Analytics estimates that around 213,000 people have already completed at least one transaction through the platform. However, in September, NFT sales dropped markedly again.

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