NFT: Blockchain game Echoes of Empire holds land presale

Echoes of Empire is a free 4X sci-fi multiplayer strategy game in the Gala Games ecosystem, with NFT tokens called Celestial Claims that can be used to mine core and special resources.

Basic resources are used for space exploration and construction. The special resource Dust, an ERC-20 token that will fuel the economy of Echoes of Empire, will be required to update blueprints for large ships, ancient research artifacts, carry out special attacks and refuel.

Claims are divided into three groups, for each of which about 2000 applications have been submitted. To purchase, you need to top up your Gala wallet with GALA tokens.

Depending on the rarity of the NFT, players will be given access to a choice of their own Celestial Body, which can be used during early testing of the game.

Celestial NFTs have the following parameters

  • Limited offer.
  • They can be traded and traded.
  • Upgradeability.
  • Can be rented to players.

The order in which Celestial Claims are made available for sale depends on community votes on Valentina Barbaro’s story. You can vote through Discord.

Gala Games is a growing ecosystem of games for money, which in recent months the platform has been able to make a huge leap forward.

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