A conference in the field of NFT will be held in the summer

For NFT enthusiasts, as well as artists and collectors, there will be an NFT conference in Los Angeles this summer. NFT Expoverse is scheduled from July 29 to 31 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The event promises to be the biggest event for the entire NFT space, as the discussion will focus on the future of the NFT, as well as cutting-edge technology across Web3. Doors are open to everyone!

NFT Expoverse will run for three days. Anyone can purchase a ticket and enjoy the most exciting events in the NFT world. The venue is famous for such events, so the NFT Expoverse will give you an idea of ​​the scale of this blockchain event.

Experts from the NFT space say that the world is only at the beginning of its journey to explore a new direction in blockchain technologies. Therefore, such an event as NFT Expoverse is very important for the entire crypto world. Many experts are looking forward to this conference. They are happy to tell and show new achievements in the field of NFT, as well as to explain as clearly as possible some of the nuances that many beginners and not only face.

The main issues of the conference in the field of NFT

The main issues of the three-day event will be the implementation and application of NFT technologies in everyday life, the legislation of the NFT space and the entire crypto world, as well as the implementation and application of NFT technologies and AI in the metaverse.

A feature of the event hosted by the NFT Expoverse is that the organizers are waiting for everyone, regardless of the level of knowledge in the world of NFT, and also actively invite any speakers and developers who are ready to tell the world about something important from the space. This open area provides a great opportunity to make useful contacts. Enthusiasts will be able to learn from developers about innovative NFT solutions, entrepreneurs and investors about new and exciting projects. The largest companies in the industry will be showcasing new innovations in NFTs, decentralized applications, cryptocurrencies and games to earn money. It is also a chance for everyone to network with famous and successful personalities in the industry.

Apart from this, each visitor can see the new collections of NFT art. There will also be exclusive NFT drops that the organizers of the event say will “strike the imagination of even the most demanding collectors.”

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