NFT Fraud Using Nettrader Links Is Widespread On Social Networks. How To Avoid It?

As a result of a phishing scam, NFTs were stolen from people’s wallets through fake links to the popular NFTtrader platform. Please note that Nettrader is not a scam, but people create fake links to get NFT for their own benefit instead of real trading through a real platform.

Details of NFTtrader Fraud

The biggest NFTtrader phishing scam we’ve seen so far has been linked to Twitter user @shanterpster. He just tweeted: “I have just been deceived””

The Oxford Dictionary defines phishing as “the fraudulent practice of sending emails purportedly from reputable companies in order to encourage people to disclose personal information such as passwords and credit card numbers.” In the case of NFT, phishing is carried out through fake links to websites in order to somehow gain access to your crypto wallet or collection of NFT.

The main way to avoid this seems obvious. Be sure to check the links of the sites you are going to. Also, do not tell anyone the secret phrase of your Metamask or any other wallet, regardless of the scenario.

Opensea has reported suspicious TAE activity on its platform, which could be a good step forward. Purchases and sales were stopped based on this message.

Fortunately, they take it well, saying“ “I am grateful for everything that God brings into my life, both blessings and lessons”” Unfortunately, people may not feel so good about fraud. In this regard, people in society should be attentive to others. In the hope of preserving people’s hope and mental health.

This situation shows that everyone should be careful when buying, selling or trading NFT.

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