NFT Games to watch in March

One month ends and a new one begins. NFT games in March will bring a new alpha version, improved beta versions and other long-awaited releases to the gaming world. Let’s take a quick look at some of these upcoming events.

As usual, there is little time to sleep if you are trying to keep up with all the new projects and releases for blockchain games. But before you take a nap, read below for a few big March events to keep an eye on!

NFT game Axie Infinity Origin

Arguably one of the most anticipated releases in the blockchain gaming world, Axie Infinity Origin is set to launch in March. This release aims to bring new players into the game with a set of free starting Axies. These starter Axies are not designed to earn NFTs, but they serve as a way to introduce new players to the game without having to open their wallets or sign up for a scholarship.

But perhaps the most interesting of all this will be the new gameplay. Turns are no longer steep! Players now simply play cards whenever they want! We don’t know how this will work in game, but we’ll be dusting off our dusty old Axies to test it out!

NFT game Sandbox Alpha Season 2

Sandbox Alpha Season 2 launched on March 1st. And this time it is open to everyone! Anyone can open a Sandbox account and download the game creation software to unlock Season 2 adventures. Complete challenges and earn Season 2 Pass Lottery Tickets that give the lucky winners a great stack of SAND Tokens!

People are surprised at the new games that are coming from developers using the Sandbox. From standard adventures jumping through holes in random walls that come your way, to side-scrollers and retro games like space defenders!

The sale of the land “Heroes of Mavia” is postponed. NFT game

Unfortunately, real life sometimes interferes with the game scene. And this, unfortunately, is happening now in connection with the situation in Ukraine. Ukraine has long been a hotspot for remote software developers, so many development teams around the world have been affected. The Heroes of Mavia team has several developers in Ukraine and they have decided to delay the release of Land Mint until March 4th. Although given that the conflict in the region seems to be growing.

Voxie Tactics Beta. NFT game

I know we talked about Voxie Tactics in the Games to Watch in February article, but if you missed it the first time, this game deserves a deeper look. It’s free to play, has the ability to find NFT gear, and the developers do a great job with their releases. Some games go months without a patch, but the Voxies team has been hard at work since the beta launched, releasing new patches every week. They fix bugs, balance classes and weapons, improve the user interface. You don’t need NFTs to play, although having your own does offer some advantages.

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