“NFT” in Google searches for the first time this week overtook “crypto” “

Google searches for “NFT” have officially surpassed searches for “cryptocurrency” this week, according to Google Trends reports. Although the race is very tight, these statistics prove the growing interest of people in the digital asset market.

Google searches for “NFT” soar this month

During the last quarter of this year, the number of NFT searches on Google has skyrocketed. In fact, since December 16, the general public seems to have surpassed the number of searches for the word “cryptocurrency!”.

As the graph below shows, the race is very tight. For example, on December 21, there were 52 NFT searches and 50 crypto searches. Regardless, the statistics are impressive, proving that NFTs are in an uptrend.

This same graph shows the steady growth in NFT searches around the world. Moreover, the number of “NFT” requests on Google is very close to surpassing the number of “Bitcoin” requests, which will undoubtedly be a revolutionary achievement.

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