NFT in the fight for the revival of coral reefs

The NFT movement is gaining momentum, which offers to use digital assets to change the life of society for the better. The Crypto Coral Tribe team is concerned about the problem of contamination of coral reefs and encourages people to join the environmental conservation issues with their unique coral NFT.


Corals are a fundamental part of the ocean. They only cover the bottom, but are “home” for 25% of living organisms. They are extremely important for the ecosystem. Coralles are also beautiful, and therefore act as an excellent tool for self-expression and inspire people to creativity – they are of different shapes and colors and truly charming.

Crypto Coral NFT will be created on the Solana blockchain, which consumes significantly less energy than other blocks. According to statistics, one Solana transaction consumes less energy than two Google search requests and 98% more efficiently than Ethereum.

Partnership with Coral Gardeners and Preserve

The Crypto Coral Tribe team landed several thousand corals together with partners in Malaga (Spain), Bali, Terks and Caicos on the Bahamas. They are also engaged in researching diseases of rocky corals. The disease amazes corals in this part of the load, killing 40% of some species. Also, some of the funds that will be obtained within this project will go to the restoration of the marine environment.

The team said. The initiative is to plant 3,000 corals on three different continents. When people will buy NFT, they will become part of the community, which is directed to the environmental and social impact of many different projects.

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