NFT Mono Lisa De Histoire Combine Art and Technology

This one-of-a-kind collection was recently made available for sale on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Mono Lisa De Histoire consists of 60 unique pieces of art created by a collective of independent artists from around the world.

The collection focuses on culturally significant female figures, presenting them in Mona Lisa-style portrait renderings, highlighting the changing perceptions of women over time. Portraits include portraits of famous women in politics, art, literature, film, television and other fields.

Contemporary art renaissance with NFT

Blockchain technology has accelerated in the last couple of years thanks in large part to the emergence of non-playable tokens, or NTFs. Their popularization has fueled an entirely new “creator economy” that has led to a vibrant new direction in the arts.

In this new blockchain-driven economy, creativity can be rewarded directly to those who enjoy or benefit from it, as cryptocurrency removes all the friction associated with traditional payment systems. This phenomenon has allowed an entire generation of artists to not only flourish, but also to truly find and express themselves as creative personalities.

At the same time, new blockchain technologies are allowing art to spread on a much larger scale, already demonstrating the ability to attract a huge audience and worldwide recognition of talented artists.

Tribute across eras and perspectives with NFT

The team behind Mono Lisa De Histoire explained that each of their artists brings their own personal vision of the classics or trends into the work for this series, noting that since the time of Lisa del Giocondo, the list of contemporary women icons has grown exponentially. With this limited edition, they pay homage to these women while at the same time breathing new life into a centuries-old masterpiece.

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