NFT Music Platform Listen Announces 50% Discount on NFT

The music-focused Listen NFT platform has completed yet another fundraising round. As a result, 2.7 million tokens totaling $ 9.4 million went to 3,000 wallets.

What’s interesting about the NFT platform Listen

Commenting on this important development, Listen Campaign CEO Tony Hollingsworth announced a significant increase in the value of the LSTN utility token and a 50% discount on NFT Listen:

We are very happy with the Private Sale of Listen Tokens (LSTN). After our first fundraiser, we returned to Launchpool to raise an additional $ 750,000 and $ 350,000 for the Infinity Pad. With Lightning and IDO approaching, we’ve decided to reward our loyal holders with this huge discount.

The NFT auction will kick off with an impressive selection of previously unknown performances from great artists such as Stevie Wonder, Sting, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, BB King, George Michael, Jon Bon Jovi and MC Hammer.

In addition, LSTN token holders can compete for one of 50 ticket pairs for the Listen Live event at the Los Angeles Coliseum from June 20-22, 2022. Within its framework, dozens of films and musical numbers will be presented.

The Listen Campaign is a global music service reaching over 500 million people in 200 countries in nine languages.

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