NFT NEWS Napoleon Bonaparte’s Physical Objects Will Be Listed For Sale On Thursday, As NFT

The French art gallery Imperial Arts is organizing the first-ever auction of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) associated with physical personal property belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte.

Selling Historical Objects Online via NFT

The unique auction commemorates the bicentennial of the death of Napoleon I, as well as the 216th anniversary of the Battle of Austerlitz and the 217th anniversary of the emperor’s coronation. Five historic properties will be sold online through the NFT sale. According to the information, the unique property will be offered for sale through the OpenSea digital platform.

This unique auction, organized by Imperial Arts, will feature the following items:

  • Napoleon’s cane from Saint Helena, unique testimony to the last home of the emperor on Saint Helena. This cane, carved from a whalebone by a Chinese craftsman on Saint Helena, has a removable handle that allowed the emperor to indicate his armies on a map;
  • Golden snuffbox of Napoleon I in perfect condition, signed by Jean-Baptiste Isabey, the greatest miniature portrait painter of the Empire period. Such items are extremely rare, the only such artifacts are in the Palace of Versailles or the Museum of Fontainebleau;
  • Handwritten letter from Napoleon I to General Count Bertrand;
  • Imperial bust of Napoleon I, official image of the Emperor of the Empire, in cast iron, attributed to Vivant Denon;
  • Miniature portrait of Napoleon I, ivory painting in a bronze case, depicting Napoleon in the uniform of Colonel Garde chasseurs à cheval, after a painting by Robert Lefebvre.

Tariq Bougherira, founder of the Imperial Arts Gallery, said:

“We are very proud that we are launching this ambitious and unique project on the art market, especially on such a significant date as our three-year anniversary. Imperial Arts is now setting the stage for what will become our marketplace in the future. I also hope that through this operation we can bring the passion for collecting art to a new audience. ”

According to the company, the NFC chips will be programmed by Arteïa and securely linked to the object or paper certificate of authenticity provided by the gallery. It will be recorded in a secure database on the blockchain.

Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military and political leader and leader of the French Revolution. It became popular with the introduction of the Napoleonic Code, which offered freedom of religion, abolished birth-based privileges, and required public office to be granted to those with qualifications. He was also instrumental in the creation of the new constitution of France.

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