NFT service will allow you to monitor investor portfolios in real time

NFT platform STAT and investment information service Bloomingbit have announced a partnership. The first joint product will be Top Trader Drops, a service that allows users to subscribe to traders and monitor their investment portfolios in real time.

This service will also launch unique Top Trader NFT subscriptions that will allow you to subscribe to an investor and follow their information content related to the respective NFT.

Invited traders recorded the biggest gains in a short period of time, climbing from $7,500 to $13 million. Some of them made the most profit during the downtrend in June. And someone demonstrates stable trading with more than 90% successful transactions.

They issue NFTs in partnership with Bloomingbit. This initiative is the first of its kind as the NFT serves as a subscription to a specific trader’s portfolio.

NFT service will allow you to monitor investor portfolios in real time

Bloomingbit will host an auction where NFTs can be purchased using the KLAY cryptocurrency. NFTs will be stored in Klip and traders will only share their trading history, portfolio and real-time content with NFT holders.

A total of 100 tokens will be issued. The first 50 have already been sold at the auction, which took place on 1 July. The second part of the auction will take place later. NFT Top Trader holders can also resell their trader cards on major NFT markets, including Open Sea.

Benefits include viewing a trader’s portfolio in real time, viewing trader-published posts, getting traders’ real-time order history via API, access to a private community, a free new Top Trader card, VIP access to private events hosted by STAT and Bloomingbit.

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