NFT testing on Instagram starts this week

The Mark Zuckerberg Corporation will begin testing digital collectibles on Instagram starting this week. Ahead – expansion to other services.

NFT testing has already begun!

Meta will start testing non-fungible tokens – NFTs – on its Instagram platform starting this week. In an interview published on Monday, May 9, CEO Mark Zuckerberg notes that testing digital collectibles on Instagram is the first step towards allowing artists and collectors to use NFTs on Meta’s other apps: WhatsApp and Facebook. In particular, NFTs may soon appear on Facebook, and Instagram will even receive augmented reality tokens – AR.

At the beginning of 2022, Instagram had about 1.5 billion users. For Facebook, this figure is higher – the audience of the largest social network in the world is estimated at 3 billion people.

Other major services outside of Meta’s influence are also testing and offering NFTs to their visitors. Those working on technology adoption include Reddit, Twitter, and OnlyFans.

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