NFT tokens can be a way to instantly transfer property rights

NFT tokens will become not only the best way to protect intellectual property, where they will be one of the main tools, but also show themselves in the real estate market.

NFT is a convenient way to register property

The technology can be used for almost instant transfer of rights to property objects, without the usual “paper” procedures, experts said in an interview with Izvestia. Its main difference from cryptocurrency and bitcoin is its irreplaceability and uniqueness. Each NFT token exists in a single copy, which allows them to be traded and auctioned like pieces of art.

They can even be stolen. For example, at the end of summer, the soloist of the German rock band Rammstein Till Lindemann shot a video for the song “Favorite City” on the territory of the museum complex. The musicians were allowed to take photos and videos on the condition that all these materials will be used to create the video. However, later the museum workers learned that Lindemann made NFT tokens from the photographs of the Hermitage collection and began distributing them on the Internet, Tsargrad reports.

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