NFT tokens can be used in different areas of our lives


Leisure activities ranging from cooking and sports to spas and woodworking will form tokenized networks. The value of the token will not depend on its sale value, airdrops and staking, but on the education and communication of community members.

Professional networks

The purchase of NFT will provide access to seminars and 24/7 chats with people from all over the world learning about Web3 technologies. This will allow you to own a membership in a particular network, and not just pay fees to stay in it. Tokenized networks will be the key to development in a bear market (with a sharp drop in assets).

Self-governing communities

Many projects have generated promising benefits but have struggled to develop sustainable models. Instead of closing the project, they will form a decentralized community to keep costs to a minimum and transfer operations to its participants.

Merging projects

Sometimes the funding and resources of an NFT project dwindle, for example due to crypto winter, mismanagement, or inability to compete. Communities will pool their capital, capabilities, and tools to provide common resources and benefits to all members.


Retailers ranging from the 7-Eleven supermarket chain to the Gamestop computer game store will be driving offline sales with NFTs by engaging content creators in the process.

Some brands are already using this approach. For example, when shopping at Gap stores, you can get Yeezy tokens, and Tesla provides access to exclusive features of its cars for NFT owners.
Research and development

Brands and content creators will trade NFTs for product development ideas. This will help identify pain points and marketing requirements, form a roadmap, and much more. The tokens will provide early access to new releases and even profit sharing.

Loyalty programs

To strengthen user relationships, brands and content creators will reward users with NFTs. For example, for content, completing surveys, and making purchases. Tokens are a more liquid asset than traditional promo codes.

User acquisition

NFTs will help create a flurry of group activity. For example, games in the MMORPG genre (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) can open new levels after the project gathers 10,000 users.

Collecting will become a team sport. Collectors who sign contracts to merge their base-tier NFTs will have access to airdrops of rare tokens.

Content Distribution

Users will provide their content, such as short videos, reviews, and guides, in exchange for NFTs. The rights to these assets can be programmed into contracts so that when used in advertising, their creators can make a profit.


Tokens will open access to services and communities of like-minded people. For example, Q&A sessions and tutorials with famous chefs, photographers and doctors. NFTs will expand to offline services such as transportation, hotels and spas.

Rewards for certain categories of clients

A cohort is a set of users who came to the brand in the same period of time. Imagine that you managed to get NFT for being one of the first to purchase Nike Air Jordan shoes. And after a few years, Nike may reward you with a special product and access to promotions. Such NFTs prove that you took a certain action at a particular moment in time.

Work with clients

Users who have shown outstanding brand product knowledge can receive NFTs in exchange for onboarding and helping newcomers to the community. This approach may be more effective than when such services are provided by a company employee.

Social investment

Web3 technologies make investing easier by reducing manual tasks such as filling out spreadsheets and collecting signatures. In addition, it will allow communities to form around fundraising projects and reward their members with NFTs.


Through gamification, NFT communities will highlight the activity of top token holders. They will earn rewards and influence by encouraging other members to purchase tokens and participate in the community for a greater return on investment.


Communities that are committed to certain political goals will sell NFTs to attract new members and funding.

“Identity-bound” NFT tokens

NFTs are praised for their transferability, but non-transferable tokens also have many uses. For example, storage of driver’s licenses, diplomas and certificates. Soulbound NFT tokens will be tied to an individual and will not be available for sale.

Vertical marketplaces

NFT projects will turn into vertical marketplaces, such as Larva Labs and SolanaMBS, that is, they will independently determine the price category of products.

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