NFTs could solve the ticketing industry’s problem

According to experts, NFTs can solve the problems that the ticketing industry faces.

They explained their point of view using the recent incident in France as an example. In June of this year, the Champions League final was held at the Stade de France. Many fans are faced with the fact that they purchased fake tickets. They made their way to the stadium, where they were rebuffed by the police.

French authorities estimate that 35,000 people arrived at France’s national stadium with or without fake tickets, in addition to 75,000 fans who had real tickets for the final.

NFTs could solve the ticketing industry’s problem

Black market ticketing and scams have been an integral part of the world of sports and events for decades, but the advent of blockchain-based ticketing looks like a promising solution.

The NFL has already piloted NFT ticketing opportunities, distributing about 250,000 tickets. And one French official suggested that the IOC sell NFT tickets for the 2024 Olympics and test run NFT tickets for the 2024 Rugby World Cup.

This industry, as it turned out, is already actively developing. Event tech company GET Protocol is issuing tickets that mint like NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. The company noted that NFT tickets help to add transparency to the traditionally “black” industry.

“NFTs can help solve most, if not all, of these problems. For example, the open and transparent nature of the blockchain makes it very easy to verify the origin and authenticity of NFT tickets, making it much harder for scammers to fool people,” the experts conclude.

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