NFTs with photos of Nirvana will be up for auction in February

Pop Legendz plans to auction off a series of NFTs featuring never-before-seen photographs of the Nirvana band

If crypto users are not too affected by the collapse of the crypto currency market, they have the opportunity to become owners of unique frames of idols placed on the blockchain.

According to cryptopotato, in about a month, on February 20 – the birthday of Kurt Cobain, an auction will be held with the NFT images of the legendary Nirvana presented on it. It will be possible to purchase digital lots exclusively for crypto assets.

Fans of the group who have cryptocurrency in reserve will have the opportunity to immediately become the owners of 27 images and even 15 works from a series of images that have not been previously published and were taken by photographer Faith West at one of the concerts 6 days before the release of the Nevermind album.

So far, Rarible shows some images, including black and white shots, a few GIFs with moving images, and a number of photos in blue and orange tones.

NFTs with photos of Nirvana will be up for auction in February
The auction is organized by the startup Pop Legendz, which produces NFTs related to the music industry.

You can’t call all the presented lots cheap (the cost per GIF is 67 ETH), but fans can justify such a price with the legendary status of the rock band. It is worth considering the uniqueness of the pictures, as they were not published before, before the news about the upcoming auction. The starting price for pictures (not GIFs) is 1 ETH.

There is a chance that much higher amounts could be seen at the end of the auction.

Members of the group’s fan club will have a special status at the auction: 100 of them will be able to purchase a GIF animation for only $499, and 100 pictures will sell for $99. At the same time, only members of the fan club will be able to pay for the NFT with a credit card, and all other users will have to rely only on their cryptoassets.

Organizers will send half of the proceeds from the auction to support the Trevor charity, and the rest will go to an organization that distributes solar panels to low-income families.

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