Now anyone can turn their event ticket into an NFT: Meet Seatlab

Meet Seatlab, the NFT-powered event ticketing system that allows artists and event organizers to take back control of the aftermarket. Simply put, this new platform solves the problems of the global ticketing market.

Using blockchain technology and smart contracts, Seatlab allows anyone who sells tickets to mine them as NFTs. The result is unprecedented control over tickets, future resales, and future transfers.

What separates Seatlab, which allows an event ticket in the NFT, from the competition?

Unlike many of its competitors, Seatlab is built on the NEAR Protocol, a non-polluting blockchain. It also allows for faster transactions per second compared to Ethereum-based projects. What’s more, gas charges are lower and Seatlab covers all minimum gas charges.

Users can attach their own conditions and royalty rates to tickets. This makes the platform different from traditional ticketing platforms as the royalties go directly to the artists in a transparent way. In addition, Seatlab allows you to monetize secondary sales.

According to Seatlab CEO Ryan Kenny, “We have many years of experience in the events industry running the successful ticketing platform Seatedly, so we are well aware of the challenges the sector is facing.”

“Now is the time to further develop the ticketing industry and leverage our development experience and ticketing software to take advantage of blockchain technology and solve some of the most important challenges we see in the ticketing business today.”

Seatlab also incentivizes fans with exclusive rewards and perks. These include unique collectibles, paraphernalia, audio recordings of a live event, and more.

Last October, NFT marketplace YellowHeart launched YellowHeart Wallet, a ticketing app that replaces physical tickets. Therefore, it is safe to say that NFTs are rapidly revolutionizing the traditional event ticketing industry.

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